Performance and performativity are key to my practice. Indeed, when I first returned to writing in my late 20s (once teenage and other writing angsts had worked their way out of my system) it was in a performance / stand up comedy capacity, including doing gigs at the Lesbian Arts Festival (Ireland) and the Edinburgh Fringe. And while I write these days much more ‘for the page’, it remains performative in a range of different ways.

During 2016 I received Arts Council funding to tour an interactive installation version of Through the Weather Glass around the UK. I was thrilled that the key feedback from my installation was that it had enabled participants to feel ‘hope’ in relation to the climate change themes it explored, since I consider this the most productive and helpful emotion of all:

Between 2015 and 2018, I collaborated during three intensive residencies with OBRA theatre company, conducting research aimed at developping techniques for co-writing a work of movement in words, and for teaching writing through movement. This culminated in a two week course which we co-taught at their base in the South of France, exploring writing through movement, and moving through words.

More recently I have collaborated with internationally renowned Kathak dancer Dr Mitul Sengupta as part of the Arts Council funded Dancing with Words project, with the aim of co-developing a work of performance in writing / movement, which was performed at Kala Sangam theatre, Bradford, in late 2019:

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