Installation Tour


Through the Weather Glass (& what Icarus found there)

Interactive Art Installation Tour 2016

What if we travelled through the weather glass of climate change and participated in the world beyond rather that staring at our own reflection in the glass?

During 2016, an interactive art installation adaptation of my latest novel, Through the Weather Glass, will be going on UK tour. In 2010 I undertook a cycle expedition from Salford to Ikaria in an attempt to work through my artistic struggles to respond to climate change. The resulting novel and its interactive art adaptation relate a fictionalised version of this journey in the persona of Icarus and a talking bicycle – a humorous, picaresque tale of my adventures through climate change which contrasts with the apocalyptic stories we more frequently hear and tell. The interactive art installation, with financial support from the Arts Council & Leeds Becket University, invites participants to pedal a bicycle to power an audio-visual display, to flick through an artist’s book and some large format climate-collage photographs, or to pen their own creative responses to climate change on some paper feathers to add to Icarus’s willow woven wings. When participants pedal they will view their power output increase on a traffic light gauge until sufficient power is generated to turn on a TV screen –  showing a digital Google Earth animation of the route plus an accompanying poetic narrative from the novel. Through the installation, participants are encouraged to think about climate change in new ways. Rather than seeking solutions or to persuade audiences of a point of view, the Through the Weather Glass installation playfully asks audiences to participate in developing more positive responses to climate change than the apocalyptic norm. The public are invited to join Icarus on a Lewis Carrollian journey through the weather glass of climate change into the world beyond!

 The final tour schedule is currently being finalised, but at present is likely to include events in Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford, Hull, Kendal, Middlesborough, Hebden Bridge, Durham and Edinburgh! Watch this space for more details and dates as they emerge.